Power HD

Heavy Duty Tar Remover
Power HD is a citrus based, non flammable solvent cleaner and degreaser for the safe and effective removal of heavy deposits, such as tar, bitumen, grease and adhesives. It is designed for companies that need a solvent cleaner with a slow evaporation, or are concerned about potential damage or Health & Safety.
  • Rapidly cuts through tough tar and bitumen deposits
  • Non flammable, low odour, easy rinsing
  • Powerful degreasing action
  • Removes label and adhesive residue
Available Sizes  
5L /25L
For Tar Removal: Use neat Allow hotbox, equipment and machinery to cool and dislodge any large deposits of tar. Liberally spray Power HD onto the hotbox surface starting from the top. Leave for a minimum of 10-15 minutes and pressure wash off with water. Re-apply if necessary. For other applications: Ensure the area to be cleaned is dry and apply neat using an Autosmart solvent sprayer or brush. Allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes and rinse using high pressure water or hose. Repeat if required.
Silicone Free