Hi, I'm Adrian Renwick, the local distributor for the Peterborough area

Autosmart Coventry

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My name is Adrian Renwick and I’ve been the Autosmart distributor servicing the Peterborough area for six years.

Although probably best known for its vehicle cleaning and valeting products the Autosmart range includes products specifically developed for use within the food industry, manufacturing, engineering, janitorial, agriculture and many other sectors. In short, if something needs to be cleaned or sanitised we can probably help.

It’s this diversity that makes my job so enjoyable. I’m fortunate to be able to deal with an amazing cross section of customers who between them are using our products for an incredible range of applications.
Whether you’ve a specific requirement or just want to find out more about us please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

I cover Peterborough, Sutton, Newsborough, Whitlesey, Warmington, Stamford, Bourne and surrounding areas.

Frequently asked questions


At Autosmart we get asked many technical questions regarding all aspects of vehicle cleaning. We have posted below some of the most common questions asked.

What our customers say


We take care of your local area and the best way to understand what we can bring to you, is to hear what our customers, like you, have to say.