Evo 3

Renovation Compound
A single stage renovation compound that rapidly removes scratches oxidation and surface defects. Brings paintwork to a perfect high gloss finish leaving no swirls or hazing. Silicone free.
  • Rapidly removes scratches, oxidation and surface defects
  • Finishes paintwork to a perfect high gloss
  • No swirls or hazing
  • Developed for rotary and orbital polishers
Available Sizes  
Machine use: Shake well and apply to paintwork or pad. Place pad on surface and spread product before switching on machine. For variable speed polishers a maximum speed of 1800rpm is recommended. Work area until desired finish is achieved. Can also be used with water if required. For exceptional deep gloss, finish with soft pad. Wipe surface with Autosmart microfibre cloth to remove residue. Manual use: apply sparingly using a soft lint-free cloth or autosmart polishing sponge. For best results buff and remove using an Autosmart microfibre cloth. Evo 3 does not contain silicone, silica, ammonia or aromatic solvents.
Silicone Free