Evo 6

Heavy Duty Cutting Compound
Heavy duty compound developed to remove scuffs, deep scratches and paint blemishes. Ideal for flattening paintwork. Silicone free.
  • Rapidly removes scuffs, deep scratches, paint blemishes
  • Ideal for flatting paintwork
  • Developed for rotary and orbital polishers
Available Sizes  
Machine Use: Shake well and apply directly to paintwork or pad. Place pad on flat surface and spread out before switching on machine. Gradually increase speed to a maximum of 1800 rpm. Can also be used with water if required. Wipe surface with Autosmart microfibre cloth to remove any residue. Finish with Evo 3 for a high gloss finish. Manual Use: Use low lint or lint-free cloth, such as Autosmart polishing cloth. Apply in a circular motion. Wipe surface with Autosmart microfibre cloth. Evo 6 does not contain silicone, silica, ammonia or aromatic solvents.
Silicone Free