33 Years in the Making

2 August, 2019


A new showroom takes to the roads of the North East and is a far cry from their first mobile showroom, a Ford Fiesta.

Colin Smails was working in the motor trade when he heard that his local Autosmart area was up for sale. He didn’t hesitate approaching Autosmart for more information and before he knew it he had remortgaged his house and become the local franchise for Middlesborough and Darlington.

The start of the journey didn’t run smoothly. Colin says, “My first month didn’t go according to plan. My showroom wasn’t ready for my first day on the road and I had to improvise with my own car. I was driving across the area filling 25’s, transporting them and pumping them into barrels. It was a difficult month but I was able to do £4,000 out of the back of an old Ford Fiesta. I knew things could only get better!”

Over the last 33 years Colin has delivered excellent service to his customers in an Autosmart mobile showroom. Colin says, “Our customers have been the bedrock of our business and I take great pride in being behind the wheel of our showroom. We deliver the best products with the best service and it is this that has made us successful.”

Colin has tried to move to a multi showroom business many times over the years but it wasn’t until Steven Smails, his son joined the business from school that the idea came to life. Colin says, “Steven moved quickly from a van to his own Autosmart showroom and three years ago we sold some of the area in an attempt for me to wind down. The opposite has actually happened and we have ended up with an increase in sales that has resulted in the development of a new bespoke showroom and potentially a new, bigger sales team. I still hope to take on more of a managerial role when things eventually quieten down.”

The new showroom for Steven looks amazing and customers have given great feedback on its design.

You can contact Colin or Steven here

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