Ad-blue, Adds Value for Autosmart Scarborough

23 August, 2019

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When Paul Daley-Smith chose his 4th Autosmart showroom, alongside his mini-bulk system, he also  added two side tanks that could carry 2000 litres of Ad-blue.

The 18 tonne showroom is completely unique and is a huge step up from Paul’s first Autosmart showroom of fifteen years ago. Paul who comes from an engineering background saw the advert for the Scarborough region in a local paper and without ever hearing of Autosmart gave them a call to discuss. A try before you buy day in Hull gave him all the information he needed to take the franchise on and today Paul and Candy his wife and accountant, have a fleet of three vehicles alongside a trade store.

Paul Daley-Smith says,”Lewis, Mick and I tend to look after mainly agricultural and haulage companies and with such high demand for a variety of vehicle chemicals, I added the Ad-blue tanks to our showroom as a means of delivering a one stop shop for our customers. We top our customers up, just like we do with our Barrel For Life system which makes everything for them so easy and convenient.”

Alongside the impressive Autosmart fleet, the trade store which opened to the public three years ago continues to  deliver an over the counter experience for not only chemical products but also for cleaning equipment, spares and a repair service.

Paul continues to say, “Our trade store has been a great addition to our service offering and our weekends are very busy. Our customers like the fact that they can travel to us on a Saturday, get advice on the chemicals they need and the equipment that will give them the best performance and take it all away with them on the day.”

If you are in the Scarborough area, you can contact Paul and the team here

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