Autosmart 40th Anniversary Conference

21 October, 2019

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The Autosmart ruby conference and awards dinner welcomed franchisees and business owners from across the globe to celebrate their 40th business birthday and look forward to the next 40 years.

The conference was held at the prestigious Hilton St George’s Park hotel, home to the Football Association National Football Centre. It saw franchisees and delegates from the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands and as far afield as USA and Australia meet and join in with the 40th celebrations.

Sophie Atkinson, MD says, “Autosmart was launched in 1979. Our idea was to offer the car dealership a mobile showroom service for valeting products. The independent business owner was at the centre of this. They believed in themselves, the Autosmart system and would go the extra mile for their customer. This is still as important to us today as it was all those years ago. We are 40. We have the experience to know who we are and where we are going. Together we have laid down solid foundations that will serve us well for the next 40 years.”

The highlights of the event included new product launches for 2020, new equipment launches to strengthen our Barrel For Life campaign and continue to reduce our impact on the environment, new technology for showrooms to enhance the customer experience and as we look to the future and available opportunities, our theme – Lets go for it!

Justin Woodman, UK and Ireland MD says, “The last 40 years has given us strong foundations and our future plans will build on the two core elements of our continued success; showroom and franchisee. We will use technology to enhance, capitalise and make us even stronger.”

The Autosmart conference was a huge success with the awards dinner acknowledging the great work of the franchisee network and the outstanding performers.

Our award winners for 2019 are:-

Stronger Together – Clive McCormack

Brand Excellence – Lee Atkins

Barrel For Life – Stewart Sutherland

Multi Franchisee – Andrew Seed

Single Showroom Winners

Chris Moseley

Tom Gerard

Steve Beaumont

Paul Daley-Smith

Multi Showroom Winners

Jimmy O’Neill

Edmund McIntyre


Further information on our award winners to follow.

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