Autosmart Breaks Through the 3000 Barrels Target

20 September, 2019

B4l Fundometer

In November 2018, the Autosmart Franchisee network set out a target of installing 3000 Barrel For Life’s across the UK in the aim to raise £30,000 for charity.

The National Autosmart Barrel For Life campaign is a cost control system that reduces costs, eliminates plastic waste and improves health and safety for all staff.  Autosmart pledged to give £30,000 to charity, split between 2 national charities and 13 local charities who took a Barrel For Life cost control system up till the Autosmart 40th conference on October 19th 2019. The customer chooses their charity by placing a colored token in the Barrel For Life token box on every Autosmart showroom.

Martin Jeffers, UK Sales Director says; “At the end of August, ahead of our October deadline, our UK franchisee network broke through our Barrel For Life target. Customers across the UK have supported the campaign and have put their tokens into our showroom token boxes to decide which charity gets their £10. It is an amazing achievement by all.”

Autosmart could have stopped there but instead Autosmart have continued to push throughout September and have now pledged to continue to give £10 to charity right up to their conference in October where the full donations to charity will be announced.

Martin continues to say; “With time still available for our customers to donate to charity, we didn’t think twice about continuing with our campaign. Our Autosmart Franchisees continue to push on and we look forward to announcing the full charity contribution on October 19th.

You can find your local franchisee and talk to him about Barrel for Life here