An Autosmart Experience for Year 10 and 11 Pupils

11 February, 2019


Ashley School 3

In partnership with the Assured Group and John Grose Lowestoft, Autosmart delivers a valet course experience to year 10 & 11 pupils from the Ashley School Academy Trust

Year 10 pupils studying the Professional Valeting and Detailing course and some of our Year 11 pupils enjoyed a fantastic day of work experience which included completing ‘The Autosmart Vehicle Cleaning Course’ at the Lowestoft branch of John Grose.

They were supported by Wayne Judson of Autosmart International Ltd and staff of the Assured Group as well as staff of John Grose Lowestoft who all made them feel very welcome and supported. Wayne organised the day which included a delivery of Autosmart products to help the pupils understand the whole process of the car cleaning business from start to finish.

Wayne Judson, an Autosmart National Accounts Manager says, “It was both fun and satisfying to spend time with the pupils and talk them through the cleaning process of a vehicle and answer their questions. It wasn’t the normal type of training; it was more advanced as they had a lot of knowledge of valeting and detailing as they are already undertaking a course at the academy. In addition, the pupils operate an “in school” valeting service to staff at the academy”.

The pupils and school were given very useful resources by John Grose and Autosmart including a full car washing kit for each pupil including hats and PPI to wear and products plus a sprayer and various useful products to use at school. As well as this, Seeds Brothers, the local distributor for Norwich came to the school and gave the pupils a tour of the Autosmart showroom.

Wayne says “Being involved in this kind of experience and seeing the pupils learn and enjoy the art of vehicle cleaning is very rewarding. It was a pleasure to be involved in the day and leave Autosmart products with them so that they can continue to practise and perfect their valeting and detailing skills”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank John Grose Lowestoft, Assured Group and Seed Brothers for their generosity and support in providing a very rewarding experience with us for these young people.

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