Autosmart kick starts the countdown to a £30,000 donation to charity

2 January, 2019


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In support of the Barrel For Life campaign that promotes a refillable barrel rather than a disposable one, Autosmart is donating £10 to charity for every Barrel For Life installed by our local distributors between now and our 40th anniversary Conference in October 2019.

All across the UK, Autosmart showrooms have been supplied with a charity collector box and bio-degradable tokens in support of 15 charities, two national charities and also thirteen regional charities that are close to the hearts of our local distributors.

The Autosmart Barrel For Life system has been one of the unique selling points for nearly 40 Years. Although not a new invention, its profile has been raised, after the Blue Planet was aired by David Attenborough. Martin Jeffers, UK Sales Director says, “Our Barrel For Life campaign has been a huge success and since its re-branding in April 2018, we have prevented the equivalent of one million three hundred and fifty thousand  plastic drinking bottles reaching the environment. In further support of this, our network of franchisees have pledged to install 3000 new Barrels For Life before October 2019. Not only will this save the equivalent of two million seven hundred thousand plastic drinking bottles going into the environment but we shall also raise £30,000 for national and regional charities.”

When a Barrel For Life is installed, the customer chooses the charity he wants the £10 donation to go to. Martin says, “The 3000 Barrel For Life pledge is very important to us as not only does the environment win by us reducing plastic packaging waste but so do all our chosen charities. It is great that our customer can do their bit with us and then visit the Autosmart showroom and drop the coloured tokens into the charity box, in support of a charity of their choice.” Each Barrel for life is fitted with cost control systems that reduce our customers product usage and costs, so it really is win-win.

The campaign will last until the Autosmart 40th anniversary conference in October 2019 where all of the tokens will be counted and the value of each charity donation announced. Martin says, “Our entire network of local distributors are working hard to achieve this 3000 new Barrel For Life pledge and we have had a strong start to month one. We look forward to reaching our target and to handing over the monies to the selected national and regional charities next year.”

To support or find out further information about the Barrel For Life campaign and help us raise monies for charity, click here.

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To learn more about the Barrel For Life system and how it helps, slash costs, reduce plastic packaging and improve Health and Safety, click here


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