Autosmart launches 2018 Barrel for Life campaign

15 May, 2018

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Autosmart is very excited to announce the launch of Barrel for Life with the introduction of an animated video to explain the benefits of purchasing our unique refill system.

The mini bulk system that refills customer barrels from the mobile showroom has been a unique service of Autosmart for over 30 years. Using the refill system saves money, helps the environment by saving plastic and improves health and safety for employees on site.

Martin Jeffers, UK Sales Director says “Reducing our environmental footprint has always been a key focus of our business. Our new, fresh, animated campaign brings to life the real issues faced by companies today and how our unique refill service looks to solve these problems. Our campaign shows the benefits of buying a barrel of one of our cleaning products, with the local distributor support providing a refill service to ensure that the Barrel for Life is the last barrel you’ll ever need”

Switching to an Autosmart Barrel for Life is the equivalent of saving 900 plastic water bottles per month!

You can find out more about Autosmart’s Barrel for Life system

Ask your local distributor for more information on our Barrel for Life system

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