Autosmart Nottingham Hits 30 Plus 1

10 January, 2020

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The Autosmart journey of Ian Paling began one morning after breakfast at a country pub and restaurant whilst pondering the need for a new challenge in his working life.

Ian picked up the Daily Telegraph that morning and noticed an advert for Autosmart franchisees. Having been a successful Snap on Tool distributor for over ten years prior to the pub, Ian rang Autosmart and started the franchisee recruitment process.

Ian says, “The territory that I bought had a turnover of about three thousand pounds and I remember completing my induction, loading up my showroom and setting off on my first call. My first customer asked me if I had any G101 and as I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, I said yes of course, can you see any…? My first sale was complete, I felt brilliant.”

Back in the day Autosmart let the franchisees get on with running their own business and sort things out by themselves but as the business grew and the recession made things harder, there was more of a need for us to work together. Ian says, “With the help of Autosmart we managed to survive the difficult times and always used the old adage keep smiling and never give up. Ian and John, his son continues to work together with Autosmart and the other franchisees making the possibilities limitless.”

Jonathan took over the reins of the franchise from Ian in March 2019 and his first year anniversary is fast approaching. Jonathan had always helped Ian after school and at weekends and had days on the showroom during the holidays. It was clear John enjoyed the work and meeting so many different people and it was decided that he would join the business full time. Ian continues to say, “He was a natural on the showroom but before he joined the business I wanted him to learn a work ethic and work for someone else. John decided to follow the family tradition and became a publican and was very successful and managed pub/restaurants in Derby and then Tamworth.”

Jonathan joined the franchise when he was 21, passed his HGV and began life as an Autosmart salesman. He became successful very quickly and has taken the business to new levels. Ian finally says, “I am extremely proud of his achievements, the new ideas that he is bringing and I am really pleased that we are keeping the business in the family. Together we have a combined business age of 31”.

If you are in the Nottingham area, you can contact John here.


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