Autosmart is now one of the official approved suppliers to the Mercedes-Benz group

24 August, 2018

Grey Mb

Autosmart is very excited to announce an accreditation with Mercedes-Benz who have approved 14 of our products to be used by their dealerships world-wide.

Mercedes-Benz selected only two of its numerous supplier applicants last year with Autosmart standing out and impressing them with innovative technology alongside our global franchisee and dealer networks.

Chris Ashton, Autosmart’s International Sales Director says, “Having this accreditation and being an official approved supplier for Mercedes-Benz world-wide is a great accolade to have. We have been working closely with the Mercedes-Benz laboratory who have been testing our products for quality and safety to ensure that we meet their high expectations. Having these certifications allows us to extend our ever growing customer base and provide Mercedes-Benz dealerships and workshops across the globe with high quality, trade strength and safe cleaning chemicals and polishes.”

We will continue to work with Mercedes-Benz to get more products from our range approved and be a one-stop solution for their dealerships.

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