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8 July, 2019

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If you have always wanted to get your hands on the best professional vehicle cleaning products on the market but you are not in the trade, then Autosmart @ Amazon is right for you.

Autosmart was established in 1979 and 40 years on continues to be the UK and Ireland’s leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of vehicle cleaning products to the trade. Traditionally our extensive range of products has only been sold through our local franchisees who offer expert advice and exceptional service off the back of a fleet of 150 mobile showrooms across the UK.

Jeff Nicholas, Autosmart Marketing Manager says, “We have always delivered the best service and provided extensive knowledge to our customers by our local franchisees and this will never change. Autosmart @ Amazon has been developed with our franchisees to enable vehicle enthusiasts who love our trade strength products the opportunity to buy small quantities direct to their door. ”

Buying Autosmart products direct from the UK manufacturer also provides other benefits.

Jeff says, “We take our responsibility to our customers and those who handle and transport our trade strength products very seriously. Our genuine online products are the only ones that carry the online icon on the product label and our products are the only ones that come as standard with a child resistant cap. We also ensure that they are packaged to the highest of standards to prevent leakage and damage during transportation. If you buy direct from us, you can be sure that it is a genuine Autosmart product.”

On Amazon there are presently 10 of the most popular Autosmart products available to buy with a plan in place to add more products over the coming months. Jeff says, “As this is a new venture for us and a different way of supplying our trade strength products, we have taken a decision to build the product range up over time.  Further products will be available shortly and on July 21st we launch a completely new product to the Autosmart range and it will go online straight away. It is exciting times”

So, if you want to purchase the best professional vehicle cleaning products, safely and have them delivered direct to your door, then take a look at our Autosmart Amazon store. Your vehicle is just a click away from looking smart, Autosmart.

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Want to buy in bulk? then click here to find your local Autosmart franchisee



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