Autosmart Rescues a Tar Covered Car

12 August, 2019


A car accidentally covered in tarmac was given first aid by mvs Staffordshire Ltd and Autosmart Power HD.

When a civil engineering company in Birmingham accidentally covered a lime green VW Sirocco in tarmac whilst they were finishing off the road surface on a new housing estate they called Matt Sucksmith for urgent assistance.

Matt Sucksmith from mvs Staffordshire says, “I had never heard of anything like this happening before and drove over to find in the very hot heat that the tar had baked really hard onto the car.”

Matt wasted no time and applied Autosmart Power HD with a pump sprayer onto the tar. He left it to dwell for about 20 minutes and then took it off with a pressure washer. The VW Sirocco was back to its original lime green paintwork.

Matt says, “I knew the Sirocco was in safe hands with Power HD. Power HD is a citrus based, non flammable solvent cleaner and is extremely safe and effective. I knew it had been proven to remove heavy deposits of tar but I wasn’t sure if it had met its match with the tar covered Sirocco. Thankfully, it saved the day!”

The building contractor and the Sirocco owner were thrilled with the results. Well done Matt, well done Autosmart’s Power HD.

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