Autosmart celebrates its 40th with a hint of Ruby

25 October, 2019



In celebration of the 40th business anniversary of Autosmart, a limited edition fragrance, Ruby has been added to three of our core products; Blast, Wax and our hanging air freshener.

Rachel Bottrill, Lead Chemist says, “The new Ruby fragrance has been created to mark the 40th year milestone of Autosmart and has been put into three of our products for a limited time only. The Blast and hanging air freshener has just the ruby fragrance but with the Wax we also added a colour to compliment it. We launched all three products at our 2019 conference and the franchisees couldn’t wait to get them on their showrooms.”

All three Ruby products will be available in the Uk and Ireland until stocks run out. Rachel continues to say, “We initially looked at this fragrance as a short term anniversary promotion but our franchisees are already saying they think it should remain as a permanent fragrance in our Blast range. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think?”

All three Limited Edition Ruby products go on sale December 1st 2019

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