Autosmart’s milk turns green to do our bit to save our oceans

7 September, 2018

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The change from single use plastic milk bottles to glass pint milk bottles is enabling Autosmart to reduce its impact on the plastic waste that is making its way into our oceans.

Inspired by our Barrel For Life campaign that promotes that every barrel refill saves 900 plastic bottles per month and the #passonplastic campaign being spearheaded by Sky, the Autosmart Head Office have now stopped the delivery of milk in plastic bottles in favour of the glass milk bottles of the past.

Russell Butler, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs Manager says, “Autosmart have always been conscious of single use plastic containers as our top up system that has been in existence for over 30 years has always promoted a refill of the barrel instead of a replacement. Alongside this, we are now looking at where single use plastics can be taken out of our every-day business and our milk delivery seemed the obvious starting point. “

Autosmart’s move to glass instead of plastic milk bottles will help towards saving the earth and the sea-life that inhabits our oceans. Russell says. “On average we were using 40 plastic milk containers per week, which is 160 per month, which is a huge 1,920 plastic milk bottles per year. With the help of Moo Fresh we can now work on reducing our environmental impact and support the move away from one use plastic containers to more sustainable options.”

Moving away from one use plastic is easy. Want to change?

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