Bailer Reduces Autosmart’s Plastic Waste

21 August, 2019

After 1 Month Bailer

As part of the commitment to reduce plastic waste and its impact on the environment, Autosmart has purchased a compactor bailer that saves 5000 plastic wraps entering landfill every year.

Autosmart has been looking for a while for a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is created from the wraps that secure the pallets of raw materials during the manufacturing process. They have been working closely with suppliers Riverside Waste Machinery and Smurfit Kappa to review all options and the compactor bailer was put forward as the most viable and sustainable option.

Nick Davison Maintenance Manager says, “We have always sorted cardboard, metal and wood from our general waste stream and we wanted a way that we could segregate our plastic waste and reduce its impact on the environment. After a couple of meetings with Riverside Waste Machinery and seeing the benefits we agreed on this new compactor bailer.

The plastic wrap is extremely light by design and it took 7 weeks before the first recyclable bale was ready to eject weighing in at a healthy 450 kilos.

Nick continues to say,”The bailer has made such a difference to the way we handle plastic waste. Each wrap from a single pallet weighs 600 grams, so it would take 750 of these to create a bale, 750 of these not entering landfill, which is a 5000 every year reduction in plastic waste impacting on our environment.”

The compactor bailer now continuously produces recyclable bales every 7 weeks and the production team take great pride in seeing another bale being ejected.

Nick says, “The production team have brought into this project whole heartedly and with great enthusiasm despite it creating them extra work. It is great to see a team so positive and so supportive of this initiative. We are proud to being doing our bit for the environment or in-fact bale for the environment…!”

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