The Autosmart van franchise concept – videos

I always knew that I could run my own business and Autosmart gave me that opportunity

Craig Wallace, Autosmart franchisee in Cardiff tells us what it's like to run his own Autosmart business and how he juggles many roles.

Why choose Autosmart

Autosmart's Franchisee for Goole explains how easy it is to become your own boss with Autosmart and how reassuring it is to have back-up and support of a leading brand.

Autosmart was the best franchise choice for me…

The Autosmart franchising concept is built around a mobile shop – the Autosmart Showroom. Our franchisees bring over 200 specialist cleaning products to the customer via 150 mobile showrooms throughout the UK. With our unique detergent dispensing system, customers save money on delivery and packaging costs.

Autosmart – The Best Van Franchise

Autosmart franchisees describe their day-to-day life. Operating a van franchise, they are out and about every day, dealing with many different people and customer types and working hard to secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Anyone can become an Autosmart Franchisee

Autosmart franchisees tell us about how franchising has allowed them to enjoy the independence and freedom of being self employed. Anyone has the potential to become an Autosmart franchisee — engineers, traders, couriers, supervisors – you don’t even need any previous sales experience. Their common interest – the motivation to enjoy self employment, be independent and to control their future.

The Autosmart Franchising concept

The Autosmart franchising concept is a proven van based model. The Autosmart “mobile showroom” or “shop” is one of the Autosmart Franchisee’s biggest assets. Continuous training and support from day 1 helps franchisees grow quickly. Hear about the Autosmart product range and how well respected it is in the trade. All these aspects of the Autosmart franchising concept will help you build a successful business.

It’s great being part of the UK’s best franchise