Colin Smails, the Autosmart franchisee for the Middlesborough and Darlington area, celebrates 31 years service

21 July, 2017

With 31 years long service with Autosmart, Colin has seen many changes take place that have taken him from a single showroom to a multi showroom area as of today.

Colin Smails
Remembering back to his first month, in 1986, Colin smiles as he recalls vividly how his Autosmart showroom wasn’t ready and how he spent his first month delivering and mini bulking product out of the back of a Ford Fiesta! His first month was definitely a month to remember and 31 years on, every day brings new exciting challenges. Colin says, “The past 31 years have flown by and much of our success has been down to having a range of quality products and offering excellent service to our local customers. Getting quality and service right is the most important aspect of what we do and this has given us our loyal customers.”

Steven and Colin are a father and son team. Steven joined Colin straight from school after aspiring to follow in his dad’s foot steps and join the family business. After training Steven up for 2 years as a salesman they have now expanded and now have two successful showrooms servicing the Middlesbrough and Darlington areas. This allows them to focus on building new relationships while ensuring that their existing customers are still well looked after. Colin and Steven enjoy the variety and interaction with the customers and are certainly looking forward to keeping the family business running well into the future!

To contact Colin or Steven Smails, check out their local web page below:-

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