The Evo compound range has been developed in collaboration with our customers and has been four years in the making. This evolution in paint renovation has a range of benefits that make the customer experience faster, cleaner and easier.

  • Low Dust
  • No Fillers
  • No Silicone
  • Diminishing Cut
  • No Water Required
  • Colour coded

The Evo compounds range consists of the following products:-

Evo 6 Heavy Cut

Heavy duty flatting compound designed for paint correction applications including removal of deep scratches, sanding marks, over sprays.


Evo 3 Medium Cut

Fast cutting compound designed for the rapid removal of scratches, sanding marks, oxidation and paint defects.


Evo 1 Fine Cut

A fine finishing compound for the removal of fine scratches, polishing marks and holograms. Leaves a swirl-free high gloss finish.


Evo + Adaptive  Cut

A fast and flexible compound that quickly removes scratches and leaves a high gloss finish. Next generation formulation is designed to offer maximum performance over a wide range of paint types and conditions. Perfect for 1 step paint renovation, 1K paintwork and detailing applications.


Evo Ultra Anti-Hologram

Ultra-fine abrasive compound for the permanent removal of holograms, micro scratches and hazing. Leaves a perfect high gloss finish.



Evo Strip


To find out more about Evo compounds, please contact your local distributor https://autosmart.co.uk/services/local-distributor-service