Damian Harrison – Proud to be an Autosmart Business Owner

24 January, 2020

Damian Harrison will be a familiar face to some of you already, having been the Sales Manager to Autosmart franchisee, Phil Dean in Salford for the last 5 years.

Franchisee, Phil demonstrated excellent retirement planning when he took on Damian on as Sales Manager and has now been able to officially hand over the reins of the business.

Damian took over from Phil on Tuesday and the day started out like any other normal working day, driving the usual route and visiting customers. The realisation of what had just happened finally hit Damian when he got to his first customer. Damian says, “It wasn’t until I was lifting the product off the showroom that it hit me. Oh wow, I thought, I own all of this; the business, the earnings and now have the sole responsibility of supporting my customers. It was a little scary but on the flip side very very exciting.”

Much of the motivation to step up from Sales Manager to Autosmart Franchisee has been driven by the ongoing support from customers, his wife and other Autosmart Franchisees in the network. A local customer who knew that Damian was taking over from Phil and was in need of somewhere to store his products offered him a container and on sending his first message out on whatsapp to other franchisees, the support and words of encouragement came flooding in.

Damian continues to say, “I felt a huge sense of relief and excitement as I signed the contract and I wanted to share my feelings with those who had been supporting me. I sent a note out on Whatsapp and was blown away by the messages of support and congratulations that came back to me. I always believed in the Stronger Together philosophy of Autosmart and the warmth that I have been given this week brought it all back. It is like being part of a family.”

Damian’s first goal is to get his brand new showroom. This is currently being built and kitted out by Highcastle Coaches and is just over a week away from being completed. Damian finally says, “This will be the icing on the cake for me. When the new truck arrives the whole process will finally feel complete. It will motivate me and I am sure it will inspire customers to hop on board the showroom and try our brilliant Autosmart products. I cant wait to show Bob, my Autosmart business Manager how I plan to grow the business. I would like to thank Phil for all his support and wish him a very happy retirement!”

If you live in the Salford area and would like to purchase Autosmart products, you can contact Damian Harrison on 07841 360 974.

Autosmart have several business opportunities throughout the UK, please click here here for more info.


Damian Harrison

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