Find the Autosmart Ruby Ticket

31 October, 2019

Ruby Wax Tub

For the launch at the Autosmart 40th anniversary conference, a limited edition fragrance and complimentary colour was added to Wax to create a limited edition Ruby Wax.

To make the Ruby Wax even more special, in one of the pots being distributed to the UK and Ireland showrooms a ruby ticket has been hidden inside. The ruby ticket which is under the inner lid enables the lucky winner to hop back on to a local Autosmart showroom and choose any Autosmart products to the value of £250.00

Jeff Nicholas, Marketing Manager says, “Autosmart Wax is one of our most popular products and adding a new ruby fragrance and colour alongside a winning ticket has added a bit of fun to our anniversary launch. The ruby infused pots are now making their way to Autosmart showrooms and we think they are a great purchase for any Autosmart fan to add to their collection”

The Ruby Wax limited edition products will be on UK and Ireland Autosmart showrooms from the 1st of December 2019. Good luck everyone!

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