Autosmart Popping the Cork

23 September, 2019

Dominic Crowley

Twenty-five years ago, Dominic Crowley took on the Autosmart franchise for the Munster region based out of Cork in the Republic of Ireland.  He now celebrates 3 showrooms, a trade store, valet courses and a new warehouse based in Galway serving the South Connacht region.

Dominic joined his family run paint store business after his training as a medical rep. The paint store was becoming increasingly busy and it wasn’t long before Dominic wanted to add dressings and polishes to their range. Dominic did his research to find out which brand would be best placed in their store and accidentally came across Autosmart. He booked himself onto the week long induction at the Autosmart Head Office in the UK and made the flight over.

Dominic Crowley, Managing Director says;”I had expected to go on the induction and be shown the range of Autosmart products and how to use them. What I wasn’t expecting was to be introduced to the whole Autosmart franchise concept, which completely blew me away. I came back home to Ireland and said to my dad; we need to do this; “Autosmart showroom and all.”

Situated in the same building that was the family run paint store, the Crowley Chemicals business now looks very different with its extended store now taking over three units, its chemical cleaning  equipment  and its onsite valeting courses. Although many changes have taken place, twenty-five years on team Crowley still follow the Autosmart business model that Dominic was bowled over by, all those years ago.

Dominic says; “Although we are ever looking to change and improve our service to our customers and be their one stop shop for all of their cleaning chemical equipment and accessory  needs, we never forget that our Autosmart showrooms are the key to our success. The Autosmart franchise model has been around for forty years and although we recognise the importance of diversity and online presence, the success and demand for our mobile showroom service continues to remain strong.”

One of the biggest reasons a customers buys from team Crowley can be seen on all of the three showrooms and is clearly visible in the trade store; the Autosmart Barrel For Life. A cost control system that reduces costs, eliminates plastic packaging and improves health and safety of all staff.

Mark Depuis , Crowley Chemicals Sales Manager says; “The costs control system has been part of the Autosmart way for forty years but has really been prominent in the last couple of years as plastic packaging and its impact on the environment has hit the headlines. Our three showrooms promote this message and our trade store has a Barrel For Life set up in it so that our customers can see it and ask questions about how it works and how it can help their business.”

Team Crowley are focused on providing a personal, consistent and trusted service to all of their customers across Clare,Cork,Kerry,Limerick,Tipperary,Waterford, Cavan, Galway, Mayo,Roscommon and have three great looking showrooms fully stocked manning the areas to ensure that they go the extra mile.

Team Crowley is: – Dominic Crowley (Managing Director), Mark Depuis  (Sales Manager),  Michael O’Donovan (Sales Representative),  Paul Fagan (Sales Representative), Jamie Lane (Store of counter Sales Representative) Joe Vaughan (Warehouse Operative), Mona Meaney (Accounts Manager), Nadia Foley (Accounts Assistant), and their newest recruit George Furlong (Sales Representative)

You can contact team Crowley about B4L, valet courses or any of your chemical equipment needs here or keep in touch with them on Face book “here”


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