Brake Clutch Electrical

Brake, Clutch and Electrical Cleaner

Rapidly removes dirt, brake fluid, oil and grease from brakes, clutches and electrics. Evaporates completely after use. Available in aerosol or bulk.
  • Quickly wets out and arrests brake & clutch dust
  • Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and general grime from brakes, mechanical and electrical components
  • Fast evaporating residue free formulation
  • Free from chlorinated solvents

Silicone Free


Apply liberally to the area to be cleaned and wipe off excess oil and grease with an absorbent cloth. Allow to dry. After cleaning, test brake operation.

Sizes Available

400ml / 5L / 25L / 205L


CAUTION: Do not spray onto live electrics. Always ensure product has completely evaporated before using electrics. Not recommended for use on electronic circuit boards.

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