Disinfectant +

Concentrated Disinfectant

Designed for use on all washable hard and soft surfaces including paint, plastics, fabric, metals, glass etc. Suitable for vehicle exteriors and interiors, kitchens, washrooms, floors etc

  • Contains a powerful biocide that works on bacteria, yeasts, fungi and some viruses

  • Meets EN 1276 and EN 1650 disinfection standards
  • Can be diluted up to 1:2 (33%) for value or used neat for extra reassurance

  • Faint odour. Does not affect performance of air fresheners or leave lingering odour

  • Colourless so product will not discolour surfaces even if not rinsed

  • Biodegradable

  • Can be used as a one-step cleaner/sanitiser in light duty cleaning applications

Silicone Free


Surface Disinfection:
Clean surface first then use Disinfectant + neat or diluted up to 1:2 (33%). Apply with a sprayer, mop or wipe over with a cloth, allowing at least 5 minutes contact time. Allow to air dry, rinse with water or wipe over with a cloth, then dispose or wash all cloths used.

Spray and Wipe:
For light duty cleaning and sanitising use neat or dilute 1:2 (33%). Apply with a sprayer allowing at least 5 minutes dwell time then allow to air dry or wipe over with a cloth. Dispose or wash all cloths used.

Do not mix with other cleaning or biocidal products.
Check colour fastness on non-automotive fabrics.
Do not apply directly to electronic equipment and touch screens.

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