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  • 20:20 CLEAR

    20/20 Clear

    Glass Cleaner


    An aerosol glass cleaner that is quick and easy to use. Perfect for removing dirt, insect squash and traffic film,leaving a smear free, squeaky clean finish. Its non-drip formula makes it perfect for sunroof applications. Both foam and clear versions available. Ammonia free.

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  • Clearview


    Screenwash Concentrate

    5L / 25L / 205L / 1000L

    Multi-purpose screen wash concentrate, available with or without methanol. Removes insect debris, traffic film and dirt without smearing the windscreen. In winter, Clearview clears salt spray and de-ices screens and locks. Protects down to -15 degrees centigrade. Available in bulk or in single car packs.

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  • Glass Clear

    Glass Clear

    High Performance Glass Cleaner

    5L / 25L

    High quality, sprayable glass cleaner, which is the fastest way to clean glass. Pleasant fragrance in use. Ammonia free.

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  • Glass Glow

    Glass Glow

    Heavy Duty Glass Polish


    A powerful cream glass polish. Easy to apply and remove, with none of the dusting of inferior formulations.

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