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  • Brake Clutch Electrical

    Brake Clutch Electrical

    Brake, Clutch and Electrical Cleaner

    400ml / 5L / 25L / 205L

    Rapidly removes dirt, brake fluid, oil and grease from brakes, clutches and electrics. Evaporates completely after use. Available in aerosol or bulk.

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  • Carbnet

    Fuel Injection System Cleaner

    Carburettor & Injection System Cleaner


    An aerosol, which cleans accumulated deposits from carburettors, fuel injection systems and automatic chokes. Also suitable for catalytic converters.

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  • G101


    The Market's Number One Multi Purpose Cleaner

    5L / 25L / 205L / 1000L

  • Plus 10

    Plus 10

    Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser

    5L / 25L / 205L

    A heavy-duty degreaser to remove grease and oils from engines, chassis and transmissions. Plus 10 emulsifies in water for easy rinsing.

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  • Power HD

    Power HD

    Heavy Duty Tar Remover

    5L / 25L

    Power HD is a citrus based, non flammable solvent cleaner and degreaser for the safe and effective removal of heavy deposits, such as tar, bitumen, grease and adhesives. It is designed for companies that need a solvent cleaner with a slow evaporation, or are concerned about potential damage or Health & Safety.

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