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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To provide important information for persons using our products, it is a legal requirement for you to have a copy of an SDS for every Autosmart product that you use. An up-to-date copy can be downloaded here or you can obtain one by contacting your local franchisee.

If you can’t find the SDS you need here, please contact our Support Services Team on 01543 481 616 or email

Important Notice

If you have been redirected here from eBay, Amazon or any another internet site, please be aware that Autosmart International only sells a select range of products through its official eBay and Amazon sites.

We cannot guarantee that the Autosmart products you purchase from those other internet sites are genuine items. We regularly make test purchases and have found:

  • Illegal and inappropriate packaging e.g. packaging has degraded and leaked badly, some of our trade products require a child resistant cap when sold for retail.
  • Illegal labelling e.g. no warnings or safety advice.
  • Illegally sold e.g. some products need a poisons licence.
  • illegally delivered e.g. hazardous products cannot be sent by normal post. Any courier needs to have appropriate training, skills and knowledge to carry hazardous goods.
  • Containers that have less product in them than the amount advertised.
  • Some products have been watered down yet are sold as neat.
  • Some products mixed with other products of unknown quality or safety.
  • Some products are not Autosmart products at all, but a poor imitation, often with cheap toxic substances in them.

We therefore cannot guarantee that the safety advice given in the following Safety Data Sheets is appropriate to the product you have purchased.

We are unable to accept liability for any loss, damages, injury or expenses whether caused directly or indirectly by any product purchased via those other internet sites.

To ensure that you are purchasing official Autosmart products, 100% trade strength with correct packaging and child proof caps, please buy directly from our online shop:

Please find your required SDS sheet below.