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The Autosmart Barrel For Life screenwash system is the most cost effective system on the market and solves the problems of excessive plastic waste, poor health and safety, unnecessary waste from spillages and inconsistent dilution.

Our unique Barrel For Life system has been a vital part of the Autosmart service for over 30 years and continues to deliver many benefits to our customers, all supported by our 150 strong network of Autosmart mobile showrooms.

Your local distributor will install a 205l Barrel For Life screenwash system and then regularly refill your barrel to deliver:-


  • Improved health & safety

No need to handle neat product, keeping staff safer with clear health & safety information


  • Consistent dilution

Our unique mixing system maintains the correct dilution and saves up to 80% on regular screenwash costs


  • Reduced plastic waste

No need to recycle used drums – saving you time and money. Each time your barrel is refilled you save the equivalent of 900 plastic drinking bottles reaching the environment


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Multi-Site Businesses

If you want to discuss the Autosmart Screenwash system with our National Accounts Team then please email Gareth Bills on or telephone him on 07795 648617

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Support our Barrel For Life fundraising activities

With every Barrel For Life screenwash installation during 2019 we will donate £10 to a charity of choice. For more information on the Barrel For Life fundraising campaign click here

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