September sees two new franchisees join the Autosmart network

5 September, 2017

Autosmart would like to welcome two new starters into their network. Dominic McGarry and Richard Bostock were so keen on the “business in a box” concept that they were prepared to wait for franchise opportunties in their regions.

Dominic and Richard, Autosmart’s new franchisees for Crewe and Newcastle












Dominic McGarry was previously an operations manager at a well known mobile phone company before moving into the energy sector. He became a fan of the Autosmart range of products at the age of 17, as in his spare time he used to help out at his friend’s valeting company.

He’d been keeping his eye open for a franchise with Autosmart for a few years and when the Crewe franchise came up for sale, he was quick to pick up the phone. Dominic didn’t even look at any other business opportunities; he loves the concept of the shop on wheels and taking a quality product directly to the customer.

Dominic tells us, “I can’t wait to get out onto my patch to meet all the customers. I’m a people person and I’m looking forward to providing my customers with a quality product solution to their cleaning needs.”

Dominic has a few favourite Autosmart products from Hazsafe in the traffic film remover range to Red 7 for fallout and wheel cleaning. However, if he had to narrow it down his favourite would have to be Cobalt + ” It is one of Autosmart’s latest new product launches, and it’s brilliant! It’s a spray polish, really effective and easy to use. It can be used on wet and dry cars and even on plastic trim so it is really versatile”.

“You can contact me on 07932 925906 Monday to Friday.”

Richard Bostock was in the Armed forces for 14 years and spent a lot of time working away from home. He always knew that he wanted to run his own business within the automotive industry and wanted something that would allow him a better work/life balance.

He liked the idea of having the safety net of a tried and tested system to follow. His research led him to Autosmart where he was impressed with the level of support offered and the range of industry awards won.

He was prepared to wait over a year for the Newcastle franchise to become available. Richard tells us, “I am passionate about cars and love to keep my vehicle looking in great condition. I’m looking forward to the challenge of running my own business and providing a great service to all my customers.”

Favourite Autosmart product: “I have a few favourites, but to narrow it down, it would have to be Red 7 – the ph neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover – it’s visually really effective. Then for a Traffic Film Remover; it’s Hazsafe – it’s great on all vehicles including bikes and caravans – it’s trim safe and environmentally safe, so a winner all round”.

“You can contact me, Monday to Friday on 07555 296653.”

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