Service With a Smile

Do you want to have on tap a local expert in vehicle cleaning that can find solutions, give tailored advice and deliver a superb service that is faster than Amazon; all with a smile?

Today, our 155+ strong Autosmart franchisees across the UK and Ireland visit customers regularly and bring over 300 products on mobile showrooms direct to the door. It doesn’t stop there: with our extensive knowledge and an Autosmart product for every application, you can be sure that you are getting market-leading customer service.

Our local Autosmart franchisees will provide you with:

  • Expert advice, so that you get the right product for your application
  • Regular mobile showroom visits, so that you do not run out of product
  • A choice of over 300 trade strength products on display, which means no waiting, no minimum order or delivery costs
  • Live product demonstrations, so you can see how our products will make your life easier
  • The chance to join our Barrel For Life initiative that helps save money, reduces plastic waste, and improves health and safety

Why not join the 5000 customers we meet every working day? Contact your local franchisee here or call our Support Services Team on 01543 481 616. You can also e-mail us at

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Tap into Our Local Expertise

Our Autosmart franchisees come with an abundance of experience and a real passion to deliver market leading service. When dealing with full strength trade products this knowledge is invaluable, here’s why:

  • They know the product range inside out so you know your getting the right advice
  • Over the years they have seen most vehicle cleaning challenges which gives you confidence that they know what works
  • When they come across a new cleaning challenge, there is a team of chemists at Autosmart HQ that they call upon to get the most up to date support

Get in touch with your local franchisee here or call our Support Services Team on 01543 481 616 or email


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We Bring Market-Leading Products to You

Our Autosmart franchisees drive mobile showrooms that are jam packed with over 200 trade products and a unique cost control top up system. Our regular mobile showroom service means that there is:

  • No delay or waiting for your products, which means you will never run out
  • No minimum order value, you can order as little or as much as you like
  • No delivery costs, you pay for the product only

Book a showroom visit with your local franchisee here or call our Support Services Team on 01543 481 616. You can also e-mail us at


We Can Help Choose the Right Product for You

Our Autosmart mobile showrooms have inbuilt smart truck technology that ensures that we have information at our finger tips giving you the best service possible. Smart Truck is great as it has:

  • Live product information to help find the solution that’s right for you
  • A bank of videos that demonstrate how the products work and perform

But we know nothing beats getting your hands on the product and trying it out for yourself.

So why not request a product demonstration with your local franchisee here or call our Support Services Team on 01543 481 616? You can also e-mail us at


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Barrel for Life – A Unique Dilution System

Our Barrel For Life initiative is hugely popular with our trade customers and the unique dilution system has proven to be effective as it:

  • Saves money – concentrated product that goes further
  • Reduces plastic waste – one barrel lasts a life time
  • Improves health and safety – no manual handling of chemicals

Read more about our Barrel for Life initiative and how it can benefit you here.