Prestige XLS, Premium TFR - 5L

Prestige XLS, Premium TFR - 5L

G101, Multi Purpose Cleaner - 5L

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G101 is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner and great all rounder. The name derives from our belief this product has at least a 101 uses! It has an advanced solvent free formulation that allows you to clean quickly and safely. For vehicle cleaning it is highly effective on grease, oil, soot and brake dust and can be used to deep clean headlinings, door panels, wheels and under bonnet areas. Around the home it is safe to use on paintwork, work tops, glass and fabrics and is excellent at removing stubborn stains such as ink and ingrained dirt.

Q: What surfaces can I use G101 on?

A: G101 can be used on most paint work, glass, rubber, laminate, vinyls, concrete and fabrics. We don't recommend on aluminium or anodised coatings. We recommend that you test on an inconspicuous area of after market paintwork and fabrics including aerosol finishes. G101 can't be used on polished alloys.

Q: Can G101 be used on leather?

A: G101 is often used by professional valeters for cleaning leather however due to the huge variation in the quality and condition of leather found on vehicles we would not endorse the product for use in home application.

Q: Can I use G101 neat?

A: No, G101 should always be diluted.

Q: What dilution should I use G101 at?

A: G101 is supplied as a concentrate. Always dilute before use. Heavy grease - 1 part G101, 4 parts water. General cleaning - 1 part G101, 9 parts water. Light grime - 1 part G101, 29 parts water.

Q: Can I use G101 as a pre wash?

A: Yes, it is often used as an excellent pre wash product. Follow the precautions as with any powerful cleaning product. Ensure surfaces are cool, do not allow to dry on and avoid prolonged contact with bright work on polished trim. If in doubt check before use.

Q: Can I use G101 on my vehicle seats?

A: It can be used but we would recommend that you remove all traces of product residue after cleaning by rinsing or with a damp cloth.

Q: What precautions should I take when using G101?

A: As with all chemical products we would recommend wearing gloves and goggles during use.


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