Snowfoam Pro – The Ultimate Snowfoam

10 July, 2019

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If you’re looking for a dense, high cling foam that stays on the vehicle and maximises the contact time between the product and dirt for the ultimate cleaning performance, then we have the product for you.

Autosmart Snowfoam Pro is the ultimate in snowfoam technology. It’s more dense, concentrated, citrus infused foam is designed to be applied to a vehicle using a pressure washer with a foam attachment or a foam gun. It enables you to cover your vehicle in a blanket of softer, more dense, more white foam to lift dirt and debris. It will cover the vehicle with a rich long lasting “high cling” foam enabling you to see any areas you may have missed and stays on the vehicle and not on the floor.

If you’re a valeter or a detailer, using Snowfoam Pro is so quick and easy, you can get maximum cleaning performance with improved value and effectiveness – saving you time, effort and money. It is also ph balanced and will not remove wax or paint protection systems or ceramic coatings.

Snowfoam Pro is available now – you can get from your local Autosmart franchisee or buy online by visiting our Amazon store.

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