Sowing the Seed

9 August, 2019


Back in 1984 the Seed family run business was planted and 35 years on this multi showroom company is still growing strong.

Andrew Seed used to help his dad out whilst he was at University in his early 20’s and he liked it that much that when the opportunity arose for him to take over the reigns in 1991, he grabbed it with both hands. The university days may have ended for Andrew but what began was the start of something really special.

Andrew remembers his first day. Andrew says, “How could I forget my first Autosmart showroom. I got into a really basic old Bedford lorry. It had no heating, no air conditioning and the cab was really uncomfortable to be in. I had no idea where I was going and the record cards of the day gave me no information on my customers. I got completely lost. It was a tough day, but it didn’t put me off.”

Andrew puts his success partially down to the strong Autosmart brand. Back in the day Autosmart delivered a completely unique business model that even today can’t be matched by competitors. A mobile showroom that brings cleaning products to the door of the trade. Andrew says, “It is a unique service that started 40 years ago and still works for our customers today. Our customers want to be visited by the Autosmart showroom, be able to walk onto it, browse the isles and pick the products to take away there and then. Online ordering is not for them.”

Andrew also puts his business success down to his team. Andrew continues to say, “I couldn’t have done this without a great team. Sue has been with me for 20 years and she is the brains in the office and Robert who came on board about 20 years ago as my accountant and financial director has really made a difference. You add to that Jason who has been really driving the business with the sales teams and we have a great combination. It’s like one big family business.”

Team Seeds continue to service and support the region of East Anglia and now has a fleet of showrooms and a sales team of eight.

You can contact Team Seeds here

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