Spring is now here and with it Autosmart’s top tips on how to spring clean your vehicle and get it ready for the warmer weather using the best professional cleaning products on the market.

Exterior Cleaning

Step 1 – Engine bays

The engine bay and its plastics will be looking dull after months of road dirt and grime. There may be even an odd leaf or two hidden away. Its time to remove any leaves, degrease the engine bay by spraying it with Autosmart’s G101 agitate stubborn spots of dirt with a soft brush and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. Finally dress it with a spray of Autosmart’s Finish

Step 2 – Door Shuts

Over the winter months dirt will be heavily ingrained in the door shuts. Remove any litter that has built up. Spray the door shuts with Autosmart’s G101 agitate stubborn dirt with a soft brush and then rinse off ensuring all cleaning residue is removed. To provide extra shine spray the door shuts with Autosmart’s Tango once clean and dry.

Step 3 – Wheels

The winter roads are cruel to our wheels as they collect road dirt and brake dust. Spray the wheels with Autosmart’s Smart Wheels or Autosmart’s Red7 then leave the product to dwell. It is a good tip to spray the front wheels first as these tend to be dirtier. Roll the car forwards or backwards half a wheel to ensure full coverage then rinse rear wheels followed by front wheels. If dirt is heavily ingrained after the initial clean, spray again with Autosmart’s Red 7, agitate with a soft brush before rinsing off again.

Step 4- Bodywork

The bodywork will be very dirty. Pre spray the vehcile with Prestige XLS, then pressure wash using Prestige XLS. If a pressure washer is not available then wet vehicle with a hose, then wash with Autosmart’s Duet using a wash mitt before rinsing off.

Step 5 – Tar Spots on Paintwork

Tar from the road takes a fancy to your car paintwork. Removing tar spots from the car’s paintwork is easy. Spray affected area with Autosmart’s Tardis and then rinse off.

Step 6 – Paintwork Protection

Once the car is clean and tar free its time to apply a polish to protect it. Using Autosmart’s Topaz or Mirror Image apply with a polishing sponge to the car and buff using a microfibre cloth.

Another quick way of protecting your car is by spraying the car with Autosmart’s Cobalt before using a waffle drying towel to dry the car.


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Interior Cleaning

Step 7 – Floor mats

Remove the floor mats from the car and beat them to remove all loose dirt. Vacuum the floor mats. Where there are heavily soiled areas of dirt use Autosmart’s G101 or Brisk to remove.

Step 8 – Cleaning and Plastics

Clear the car and the boot of all rubbish. It is now time to pay particular attention to carpets, seating and headlining. Use Autosmart’s Brisk on lightly soiled fabrics and where the soiling is more ingrained use Autosmart’s Upholstery Cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Use Autosmart’s Leather Cleaner on delicate interior surfaces and always apply Autosmart’s Leather Supplement afterwards.

During winter plastics become dull. Apply Autosmart’s Silicone Spray to reinstate a glossy appearance to the plastics. If a matt appearance is preferred then use Autosmart’s Finish.  Do not apply interior dressings to control surfaces such as steering wheel and pedals.

Step 9 – Windows

The car will be looking really clean so don’t forget the cleaning of the windows inside and out. Clean the windows using Autosmart’s 20/20 Clear or Glass Clear with a microfiber cloth. Remember to lower the windows to get to the top of the glass.

Step 10 – Fragrance

The final step of getting your car spring ready is to give it a blast of a fragrance that you like. Pick Autosmart’s Blast Bubblegum or Blast Berry or choose one of the other Blast fragrances to give your car the smell that you love.


Your car is now spring ready, courtesy of Autosmart.


When using any chemical cleaning products it is important to wear the correct personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles. Always ensure that you read the label and follow the product instructions for correct use.

The majority of our spring clean products can be purchased from one of our 150 Autosmart showrooms across the UK here