Hello Sunshine! The hot weather has finally arrived. It is time to revel in the freedom of the open road on motorbikes, feel the wind in your hair in convertibles and enjoy wide open spaces in camper vans or motor homes.

With the soaring temperatures, we are faced with additional challenges when looking to keep our vehicles clean and protected. Here are our top tips for keeping your vehicle in perfect condition this summer, using the best professional cleaning products on the market.

Exterior Cleaning


The heat of the sun will mean bodywork will get hot, especially on darker coloured vehicles. This means that you will have less time to work without anything drying on to the bodywork. If possible wash your vehicle in a cooler part of the day, either early in the morning or later in the evening. Alternatively, try and keep your vehicle in shade rather than direct sunlight – you can also wet down panels with cold water before starting work to reduce their temperature. You may also find it helpful to divide the vehicle into smaller working areas to reduce the risk of drying.


Waterless Wash

During the summer months water can be scarce and keeping a vehicle clean with a waterless wash provides an environmentally viable option. Autosmart’s Tango is a versatile cleaner and dressing in one that keeps the use of water to a minimum. Apply Autosmart’s Tango with an Autosmart’s minijet at a dilution between 3:1 to 10:1 then wipe over using an Autosmart Polishing sponge. Buff over the surface with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. For all windows including window screen use Autosmart’s Glass Clear.


Bug Splats & Tree Sap

The remains of bug carcasses on vehicle paintwork are part and parcel of being out and about in summer and taking the scenic routes. Use Autosmart’s G101, a multi purpose cleaner, at a dilution rate of 1:5. Spray onto a microfibre cloth or a kitchen towel and lay it on the affected area. Remove after a couple of minutes and rinse with clean cold water, preferably using a low pressure hose. The bug squash should just lift away! Use a drying towel to dry the area, and then use Autosmart’s Cobalt+ to restore shine and protection to the cleaned area by spraying it on then buffing with a microfibre cloth.


Soft Tops

Keeping the roof fabric stain free and protected as the cabriolets get out and about more is another challenge in summer. To remove light stains, bird droppings or tree sap use Autosmart’s G101, a multi purpose cleaner, at a dilution rate of to 1:50. Spray, wipe or sponge onto the fabric avoiding over wetting. Wipe over the surface with a clean, dry cloth. To protect the roof fabrics afterwards use Autosmart’s Silver Seal Upholstery Protector. This provides a waterproof protective barrier. Spray a fine mist over the dry roof fabric, ensuring that the fibres are well coated and allow the coating to dry naturally.


Bird Droppings

Having bird droppings on paintwork is another summer problem. For best results remove as soon as possible with Autosmart’s Duet, a premium wash and wax shampoo. Apply using a sponge, soft brush or swab starting at the top & working downwards remembering to clean sponge out regularly to avoid scratching. Rinse with clean cold water, preferably using a low pressure hose. For optimum results, finish off with a chamois leather. To add protection, use Autosmart’s Mirror Image. Apply in a circular overlapping motion using a polishing sponge. Allow to dry to a haze and buff using a microfibre cloth.


Sun cream

You put the sun cream on your body but hadn’t planned for it to work its way on your paintwork through sticky fingers and contact. To remove light marks, use Autosmart’s Mirror Image, a wax polish. Apply in a circular overlapping motion using a polishing sponge. Allow to dry to a haze and buff using a microfibre cloth. For heavier stains use Autosmart’s G101 or Autosmart’s Tardis. Spray onto the affected area, wipe using a clean microfibre cloth and then rinse off. Use Autosmart’s Cobalt + to restore shine and protection to the cleaned area by spraying it on then buffing with a microfibre cloth.



During summer, wheels can look grubby quickly as the hot weather bakes the contamination on them. Use Autosmart’s Red7, ph neutral wheel cleaner, and then leave the product to dwell. It is a good tip to spray the front wheels first as these tend to be dirtier. Roll the car forwards or backwards half a wheel to ensure full coverage then rinse rear wheels followed by front wheels. If dirt is heavily ingrained after the initial clean, spray again with Autosmart’s Red 7, agitate with a soft brush before rinsing off again.



No-one wants fingerprints over their newly cleaned vehicle. Use Autosmart’s Wax Detailing Spray to remove imperfections on the paintwork. Using the product neat, spray on as a fine mist using an Autosmart minijet and wipe over the surface. Polish off immediately using a soft dry cloth.  Autosmart’s Wax Detailing Spray is solvent and silicone free so ideal for use on motorcycles.

Use Autosmart’s Stardust for quickly removing fingerprints and blemishes on all detailing, around trim, badges and difficult to reach areas. Autosmart’s Stardust is an Instant Polish Dressing in an aerosol, that cleans and gives shine without smears or dust and is save on chrome.


Windscreen & Headlamp Glass

It can be road salt or pollution, but sooner or later the clear coat on the headings is going to start fading away. The summer time in particular can be rough because of the sunlight and its UV action. The clear coat also can be affected by the type of cleaning agents used.  All of this result in the plastic eventually becoming oxidized and appearing foggy. Autosmart’s Glass Glow contains a very mild abrasive and provides a lasting shine to windscreen and headlight glasses. Glass Glow can be easily applied and removed without dust formation. Allow polish to dry to a haze and then buff off using a microfibre cloth.


Tyres & Exterior Plastics

To protect the exterior plastics from the summer temperatures use Autosmart’s Highstyle, a universal dressing. Autosmart’s Highstyle leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyre walls, vinyls and plastics giving an unbeatable gloss and lustre. Apply using an Autosmart minijet in mist form or an Autosmart dressing sponge. For an instant effect apply Autosmart’s Highstyle neat, wipe over and allow to dry. Buff with a soft cloth if required.


GRP Body Panels

To get a great glossy shine on Motor home body panels use Autosmart’s Cherry Glaze, a high performance and easy to use on larger panels fast wax. To spray, apply using a minijet and spread evenly, using a clean cloth or Autosmart polishing sponge. Alternatively, apply directly using a microfibre cloth or sponge. Allow to dry to a haze and then buff to a deep shine with a lint free cloth. For best results we recommend an Autosmart Microfibre cloth.


Decals and Vehicle Wraps

Autosmart’s Cobalt+, a highly versatile and easy to use spray polish which seals and protects any paintwork. Cobalt+ is safe to use on vehicle decals and vehicle wraps which makes it ideal for any motor home. Apply to cool, clean surface. Shake well, apply sparingly as a fine spray and wipe over surface. Buff to a high shine using a dry microfibre cloth or apply product directly to the cloth when treating small areas. On wet vehicles apply sparingly using a sprayer to all exterior surfaces excluding the windscreen. Do not allow to dry. Wipe over surface with a drying towel to ensure an even coating and remove excess water. Buff to a high shine using a dry microfibre cloth. On large vehicles rinse with water and allow to dry naturally. Use a damp microfibre cloth to remove residue.


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Interior Cleaning


Interior Leather

It’s nice to get the roof of your convertible down, but that can mean that the interior is more exposed to dirt, debris and bright sunlight, which can dry out leather interiors very quickly. Use Autosmart’s Leather Cleaner which is mild and gentle and keeps leather smooth and soft. Dilute with warm water to between 1:1 and 1:12, dependent upon degree of soiling. Immerse soft cloth in the diluted solution, wring out and wipe lightly over the leather. Regularly rinse out cloth to avoid resoiling. For stubborn marks, lightly agitate. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Use Autosmart’s Leather Supplement to treat the Leather parts of your interior and keep them fresh. Apply Leather Supplement using a clean, soft cloth. Allow to dwell for several minutes. Buff with a clean, soft cloth, turning frequently.

For Fabric interiors use Autosmart’s Brisk to clean and freshen.


Interior Plastics

With the soft top down the interior plastics of the car are exposed to extreme sun light. Use Autosmart’s Dash Dandy, a dry finish dressing in a ready and easy to use to use aerosol, to quickly and effectively restore all plastics, vinyl, wood and chrome to a brand non greasy new appearance. Spray on in even strokes. Wipe over large surface areas.


Interior Surfaces

Keeping the motor home and caravan clean whilst touring the countryside is easily done with Autosmart’s Sentry, an all purpose washroom cleaner. It is an excellent general purpose cleaner which is ideal for sink, tap, and tiles and is safe on stainless steel surfaces too. It removes unsightly stains, lime scale and odours, leaving the pleasant scent of freshness throughout your motorhome.. Use Autosmart’s Sentry at a dilution of 1:5. Spray onto surface with an Autosmart minijet, wipe with a cloth and rinse off with water.


Spilt Drinks, Ice Cream and Sun Lotion

On long journeys snacking in our vehicles can lead to accidental spillages and stains. Also sun lotion, a must in the summer sun but it does get everywhere and getting it off the interior trim of your car or motor home can be a summer challenge. Use paper to soak up any remaining liquid then use Autosmart’s Brisk, a dry foam upholstery & fabric cleaner to clean the area. Spray Autosmart’s Brisk onto the surface, allow a few seconds for the foam to penetrate and then gently agitate. Wipe with a dry cloth. Alternatively you can use Autosmart’s G101, our highly effective multi purpose cleaner on really stubborn or greasy stains.



Most products are fine to be stored outside throughout the summer months while factory sealed. Our summers are not usually hot enough to cause heat stability issues. Store all aerosols always inside.

Some products are affected by warm weather once opened. The products at the highest risk of going off are those with a neutral pH value. Always read the label for storage recommendations.


Your car is now summer ready, courtesy of Autosmart.

When using any chemical cleaning products it is important to wear the correct personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles. Always ensure that you read the label and follow the product instructions for correct use.


The majority of our summer clean products can be purchased from one of our 150 Autosmart showrooms across the UK here