Upholstery & Interior Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Detergent Cleaner

Cleans and refreshes interior surfaces. Perfect for plastic and fabric trim, seats & carpets.
  • Cleans and refreshes interior surfaces
  • Perfect for plastic & fabric trim, seats & carpets
  • Neutral, surface-safe formulation

Silicone Free


For general cleaning use neat or dilute up to 1:5 with water. Spray, wipe or sponge onto surface avoiding overwetting. Agitate heavy soiling if appropriate with a soft brush or upholstery sponge, taking care not to spoil pile on fabrics. Wipe over surface with a clean damp cloth. For velours, agitate with a sponge only.

Sizes Available

5L / 25L


Do not use on suede. Some dyes may not be colourfast. If in doubt check before use.

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