Topaz, Polish - 1L

Topaz, Polish - 1L

Topaz Kit -Topaz Polish 1ltr, Polish Sponge, 2 Microfibres

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This is a Topaz vehicle polishing kit containing 1lt of Topaz, a polish sponge and 2 microfibre cloths – everything you need to polish your vehicle to a superior shine.

Topaz is the first ‘hybrid’ polish combining waxes and synthetic polymers to give a superior performance especially on modern paint finishes. Topaz is designed for professional detailers but will give even the casual user fast results with no dust, long lasting weathershield protection and a luxurious and deep shine on all paint finishes

Autosmart polishing sponges are our  recommended method of applying our range of polishes. The sponges are made of natural cellulose that is highly effective at holding polish and optimising performance.

The microfibre technology in our cloths traps tiny dirt particles allowing you to clean effectively even with just a little water. Soft yet durable, they are ideal for car detailing and polishing and for use around the home for dusting and polishing.

Q: Is Topaz to be diluted?

A: No, it should be used neat.

Q; How do I use Topaz to obtain the best results?

A: Shake well. For the best results apply to a cool, clean surface and out of direct sunlight. Shake well and apply an even thin layer of Topaz using a soft polishing sponge or a lint free cloth. Allow to dry to a haze, noting that the dry film may not be as opaque as conventional polishes. Finally buff to a high shine using a microfibre cloth.

Q: Can Topaz be used with a rotary or DA machine?

A: Yes, it is suitable for use with these machines. Apply using a soft foam pad at a low speed < 1000rpm.

Q: Can I use Topaz on all surfaces?

A: No, do not use on vehicle windscreen.

Q: Does Topaz contain silicone?

A: Yes.

Q: How should Topaz be stored?

A: Topaz should be stored in its original container with a cap in place and avoid extremes of temperature.

Q: What precautions should I take when using Topaz?

A: We recommend that gloves and goggles are worn when using any chemical. 

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