Aquaseal Pro – A  different kind of shine and protection

If you’re looking for long-lasting shine and protection that is super easy to apply, we have the answer!

New Aquaseal Pro is the new way to add gloss as well as protection to your vehicle and is really simple to foam or spray on. It’s the quick and easy alternative to polishing any vehicle from cars to vans and trucks. The durable glossy finish lasts for weeks and is weather resistant, protecting from chemicals and the elements. It contains hydrophobic, water repellent polymers, which give impressive water sheeting and beading.

If you’re a valeter or a detailer, or you have several vehicles to keep clean and protected, using Aquaseal Pro is so quick and easy, you can protect even more cars every day – saving you time, effort and money.

Aquaseal Pro is available from 1st May – you can now pre-order Aquaseal Pro with your local Autosmart Franchisee. Click here to find your local Autosmart Franchisee.

Click here for further information about Aquaseal Pro.

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Aquaseal Pro Montage