Leadership Team

Since its launch 40 years ago in 1979, Autosmart has created market-leading products that clean vehicles more quickly, effectively and efficiently. Since that time Autosmart has also been privately owned, with most of the shareholders occupying senior executive roles within the business. Today, with an outstanding track record of revenue and profit growth, Autosmart competes with the biggest brands its sectors and continues to grow market share on an international basis in its core markets. With an outstanding reputation for product quality, customer service, environmental standards and continual innovation Autosmart is well set to continue its growth over the next 40 years.

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Sophie Atkinson

Managing Director

After graduating from Durham Unviersity with a degree in Economics, Sophie joined Autosmart in 1988. She has over 30 years of Autosmart experience, including running the sales, marketing and financial aspects of the company. Sophie became Autosmart’s Managing Director in 2003.

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys walking the Yorkshire Dales and revisiting Barbados, where she grew up. Sophie is also a keen gardener.



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Chris Brain

Technical Director

Chris joined the Autosmart team in 1984 as a Lab Technician, and now heads our Product Development program.

With a degree in Chemistry and an extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the vehicle cleaning industry, Chris ensures our products are the very best in the market.



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Chris Ashton

Sales Director

Chris joined in 1991 as Franchise Regional Manager and was appointed as Sales Director in 2000. Bilingual in English and French, Chris provides a pivotal support service to franchisees and sales teams in both the UK and France.

Outside of work Chris enjoys runnning (particularly 10ks for charity), as well as watching football and rugby.


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Justin Woodman

UK & Ireland Managing Director

Justin joined Autosmart in 2018 as UK Managing Director with a degree in International Business and a wealth of international automotive experience. He has run multiple automotive businesses and his own sales and marketing consultancy.

Away from work, Justin enjoys time with his family, at the gym, watching motorsport and riding his motorbike. Justin is fluent in Japanese.



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Keith Macfarlane

Operations Director

Keith was promoted to the Board of Directors in 2008, after joining in 1998. Keith is responsible for the production, purchasing, and logistics functions within Autosmart. Keith has a a degree in Chemistry and obtained an MBA in 2000.


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Emma Plank

Financial Director

Emma was appointed as Financial Director in 2008, after joining Autosmart in 2000. Emma manages the Finance and Business Support teams at Autosmart. She is responsible for providing information to support the company’s sales strategy and ensure financial stability and continued profitability.



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Shaun Devey

IT Director

Shaun joined Autosmart in 2019 and leads our Technology and Business Change functions. Shaun has extensive experience of delivering technology transformations within the retail, logistics and manufacturing sectors and is always focused on delivering customer and organisational value.

In his spare time, Shaun enjoys golf, walking, cycling and is a keen musician.